NaPoWriMo2014 #3

Share the experience.

C. J. Black.


Sitting on the side line – I watched the hurler on the ditch

Jumping up and down like the dog with an irritating itch

Blood pressure rising – you could tell by the purple face

You could also tell for certain that his horse would lose the race.


People watching – an eye opening past time

See people ageing even before they reach their prime

How can a person get so agitated?

Hurling abuse at opposition players which is deemed to be totally X-rated.


Sitting ringside while two pugilists do battle

Listening intently to their groans as punches their bodies rattle

Suddenly, a voice over my shoulder hollers, go on knock his lights out

Does he ever think to take account of damage done? I really have grave doubt.


Sitting on the side line being the neutral, you observe –

And are educated in the art of people watching, which is not just a male preserve.


C. J. Black©β


10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo2014 #3

  1. enjoyed your sharing, CJ, in fact felt as if I was there, experiencing every hurtled abuse. (I follow Manchester United, and they’re not doing too well at the mo, so the air is positively blue whilst I watch 😉 ) So It’s a good job I don’t watch …. myself eh? xPenx


    1. Cheers Lady Pen, try being a life long Nottingham Forest fan. I am making an attempt to write a “poem” a day for NaPoWriMo2014, I have posted for day 1 & 2 but it appears they have got lost in the ether or someone is trying to tell me something but persist I will.


    1. Thank you Marie, I am attempting to post 1 a day for this National Poetry Writers Month 2014, have to resurrect 1&2 they must have got lost in the ether, good to have a challenge now and again, to keep the mind busy.


    1. Sure you know me Fransi I’d chance cobbling a poem out of any situation – must try one on having a hard neck I won’t have to travel very far for inspiration for that one!!


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