NaPoWriMo2014 #3

Share the experience.

C. J. Black.


Sitting on the side line – I watched the hurler on the ditch

Jumping up and down like the dog with an irritating itch

Blood pressure rising – you could tell by the purple face

You could also tell for certain that his horse would lose the race.


People watching – an eye opening past time

See people ageing even before they reach their prime

How can a person get so agitated?

Hurling abuse at opposition players which is deemed to be totally X-rated.


Sitting ringside while two pugilists do battle

Listening intently to their groans as punches their bodies rattle

Suddenly, a voice over my shoulder hollers, go on knock his lights out

Does he ever think to take account of damage done? I really have grave doubt.


Sitting on the side line being the neutral, you observe –

And are educated in the art of people watching, which is not just a male preserve.


C. J. Black©β


10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo2014 #3

  1. enjoyed your sharing, CJ, in fact felt as if I was there, experiencing every hurtled abuse. (I follow Manchester United, and they’re not doing too well at the mo, so the air is positively blue whilst I watch 😉 ) So It’s a good job I don’t watch …. myself eh? xPenx

    1. Cheers Lady Pen, try being a life long Nottingham Forest fan. I am making an attempt to write a “poem” a day for NaPoWriMo2014, I have posted for day 1 & 2 but it appears they have got lost in the ether or someone is trying to tell me something but persist I will.

    1. Thank you Marie, I am attempting to post 1 a day for this National Poetry Writers Month 2014, have to resurrect 1&2 they must have got lost in the ether, good to have a challenge now and again, to keep the mind busy.

  2. It is amazing hiw carried away people get at sporting events. They are gret places for people watching.

    1. Sure you know me Fransi I’d chance cobbling a poem out of any situation – must try one on having a hard neck I won’t have to travel very far for inspiration for that one!!

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