NaPoWriMo2014 #6

Express yourself.
C. J. Black.
Dance, Sing, Write.

Express yourself the question was posed
Not an easy thing to do, to leave yourself exposed
But I though, should I really take a chance-
Go for it my ego said tell them you love to dance-
Not just dance I’ll have you know I also like to sing
Still waiting for the big break and the chance to sport real bling
Are you tired of reading about me yet? If so please be quite
Keep your powder dry for the time being because – I also like to write?

My nimble feet allow me, trip the light fantastic-
I’ll tango, quickstep, waltz a little, am I glad I passed up the chance to live life as a monastic?

At party time I just wait, for the drop of a hat
I’ll take the stage and without any qualms I’ll show you what’s what
I’ll sing a bit of country but rock “n” rolls my thing
You really have to hear my version of Chuck Berry’s my “Ding a Ling”.

Finally, this shrinking violet likes to dip his pen in ink
And rattle off words at will quicker than an eye can blink
Express yourself I was asked, at a challenge I’ll not choke
Really, I’m no extrovert this was an exercise in writing, a micky take – yes a joke.

C. J. Black©β