NaPoWriMo2014 #9

Wasted days and wasted nights?
C. J. Black

Decided that enough was enough, so to my writing called a halt
The weary eyes were getting bloodshot
If I made a total cock up it would be my own damn fault
And like a wine stain on a crisp white shirt my copybook I’d blot.

So while putting things together to have my writing den in order
I had this mighty “brainwave”
So back to the drawing board with me, to the sounds of Giorgio Moroder
Thought of the last four lines of poetry – now there was a close shave.

Never throw in the towel, if at all it can be helped
When staring defeat in the face note, backing up will win you more time
A winning formula you’ll soon have developed
That’s my offering plain and simple you may look elsewhere for sublime.

There really is no tried and trusted techniques when that deadline looms
Still, when you have a deadline to achieve that’s when the thought process blooms.
C. J. Black∁β