NaPoWriMo2014 #12

Short and sweet or not quite a turd of a page!!!!!!!
If you are not offended by bad language then please continue reading.
C. J. Black.

Here I am with another blank page to fill
Which if I succeed in doing so won’t be through skill.

I guess there are times that what I attempt to write really, to be truthful turns out to be total sh**e.

But I continue unabashed-
Until another page I have totally thrashed.

It’s amazing when I put my mind to it
How with words alone I can dig myself a pit.

I’m like an animal snared in a trap
I’ll do anything to escape cr*p.

Unbeknown to you I have taken a rest-
I’ve returned to this page feeling somewhat blessed.

I’ve promised myself that the next poem I write
Will be, dear reader something airy and bright.

With no bad language to offend the eye
I know I can do it if I really try.

So I’ll select a subject allow my mind roam
My next “composition” will be an expletive free poem.

C.J. Black©β