NaPoWriMo2014 #12

Short and sweet or not quite a turd of a page!!!!!!!
If you are not offended by bad language then please continue reading.
C. J. Black.

Here I am with another blank page to fill
Which if I succeed in doing so won’t be through skill.

I guess there are times that what I attempt to write really, to be truthful turns out to be total sh**e.

But I continue unabashed-
Until another page I have totally thrashed.

It’s amazing when I put my mind to it
How with words alone I can dig myself a pit.

I’m like an animal snared in a trap
I’ll do anything to escape cr*p.

Unbeknown to you I have taken a rest-
I’ve returned to this page feeling somewhat blessed.

I’ve promised myself that the next poem I write
Will be, dear reader something airy and bright.

With no bad language to offend the eye
I know I can do it if I really try.

So I’ll select a subject allow my mind roam
My next “composition” will be an expletive free poem.

C.J. Black©β

2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo2014 #12

    1. Much obliged Eric, I broke my own golden rule in relation to, as you so politely put it ‘ahems’ but sometimes thoughts just occur and you have to go with the flow, that will be the end of that I hope, then again you never can assume.


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