NaPoWriMo2014 #17

By request following a conversation.

C. J. Black.

Apologies for being parochial
But are soap operas an acquired taste
Could they be classed as being colloquial?
If you ask my opinion they’re a total time waste.

Monday – Friday the box in the corner spews out this make believe life
Internal family argument – thriving on struggle and strife
All this takes place between pm6:30 and 9:00
Then you are bombarded with news bulletins –where to draw the line.

Day time T.V. is no better with repeats from the night before
It’s Dr. this and Judge that – blood – letting and artificial gore
The discussion around the dinner table can be stimulating
Especially if you’re not a soap buff – you’re left alone talking to yourself – I know it takes some explaining.

Everyday real life stuff must be really dull
As you never see late night repeats, with the exception of politicians ‘preaching bull’

C. J. Black©β