NaPoWriMo2014 #20

Ronnie O’Sullivan, a born genius.
C. J. Black.
World championship snooker, seventeen exhilarating days
For those lovers of the green baize.
Who will emerge, to claim that coveted first prize?
The mercurial O’Sullivan or someone showing steely enterprise?

It really is hard to look beyond the master also known as the Rocket
Who on his game could play blindfolded and still not miss a pocket
But as great and all as he is, nothing is guaranteed
He can cut you to the quick and unflinchingly watch you bleed.

All in the name of sport of course that goes without saying
On a good day he’ll wipe the floor with you irrespective of who he’s playing
Poetry in motion, a genius with either hand
Born to entertain – Ronnie, we salute you from the four corners of the sporting land.
C. J. Black©β


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