NaPOWriMo2014 #21

April 21st already.
C. J. Black.

The month is quickly slipping by
The word well could well be running dry
What a blast so far it has been.

There is nothing like a challenge to get the juices flowing?
Wonder what the next line is? Because I have no way of knowing
Confusion abounds, nerves are in tatters
Keeping it together at this point that’s all that matters.

Looking to the heavens now for divine inspiration
Serves me right I guess for being so cocky at the outset
The palms are sweaty, and I’m dripping beads of perspiration
Worry not I’ll settle down, hoping it is not to my regret.
C. J. Black©β


4 thoughts on “NaPOWriMo2014 #21

    1. May(be) I’ll continue Fransi? but I would not be holding my breath – they probably need plenty of pruning but strike when the iron’s hot and worry about the consequences later.


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