NaPoWriMo2014 #23

Never throw in the towel.

C. J. Black.

The magic of the alphabet is there for all to see
It will assist me greatly in my poem for April 23
If you were in my position and clutching out for straws
Would you write what came into your head not considering a pause?

Well that is exactly what, I’m about to do
I hope it’s not the wrong decision, something I may rue
You can probably tell by now that I’m feeling the pain
But once I write this line of 12 only four lines will remain.

When you’re in a predicament and can see no way out
Put all negative thoughts aside, find a hole to bury doubt
Then as you can perceive you will in the end succeed
And hopefully produce a poem that will be a delight to read.

C. J. Black©β