NaPoWriMo2014 #24


C. J. Black.

Faith in your ability irrespective of your life’s status
You should of course fly your flag without ever feeling callous
No standing in the shadows – REMEMBER YOU ARE YOUR COMRADES EQUAL
Go for the jugular at all times there will never be a sequel.

Such traits should be instilled from an early age
And not just written in book form to be learned directly from the page
I, firmly believe this to be the case
Or I wouldn’t be sitting here occupying this space.

One place you’ll not find me is strolling down Madman Avenue
Most of the time I appear upbeat – I leave aside thoughts of feeling blue
One thing you can take from this is I’m not a know-it-all
Lies like this will undoubtedly assist in damning my mortal soul.
C. J. Black©β

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