NaPoWriMo2014 #27

Feeling full of beans.
C. J. Black
I came up through the school of hard knocks
So you there, standing on your soap box
Don’t think you can frighten me
Spewing out your litany
Of lies, trying to confuse the facts
With your utterly confused acts
This won’t wash I’ll have you know
I’ll stand and take it blow by blow
I’ll not stand down or turn my back
Believe me I’ll never slack
Your lies will eventually wear you down
You’ll be ostracised, made wear that thorny crown
Too late you’ll realise
There’s just so far you can travel with lies
Finding yourself isolated
Being constantly berated
Will eat away at your soul
It will surely take its toll
Persist if you will
Swallowing the bitter pill
The hand of friendship has deserted you
As enemies you continue to accrue
So be it on your weary head
As you lie there in your self-soiled bed.
I came up through the school of hard knocks
Your attitude will, in waves send shocks
Through your coterie of ‘friends’
They will desert you now like rats do a sinking ship
Too late you’ll realise, perhaps I should have bitten my lip.

C. J. Black©β

NaPoWriMo2014 #26 & #27 were constructed following a conversation over a coffee when it was suggested try write something of substance, only you – you know who you are can tell me as no doubt you will if I was successful.