NaPoMoWriMo2014 #28

A jab at another poem?
C. J. Black.

Sitting comfortably? Good. Time for me to draw some blood.
Roll up your sleeve while I get my syringe – you’ll just feel a little twinge.

You have been fasting overnight? Is that the cause of your shade of white?
You’re what, afraid of a little needle? Muscle massed and still you’re feeble?

Take a moment, compose yourself – honestly this will be brief.
I guarantee this won’t hurt me a bit, there is no need your teeth to grit.

You’re what? Feeling ill? Here use this basin, careful please don’t spill.
Quiet please with the heave, you may cause my other patients to leave.

Keep your head over the basin – remember please which way you’re facing.
Here’s a tissue now blow your nose – while the basins contents I dispose.

Lie on the bed there and relax – I’ll turn the fan up to the max.
My first patient of the day – quite an experience would you say?

You want my opinion on what we should do next? Please don’t take this out of context.
I believe its best we quit while we’re ahead – Because I believe stones would be easier bled.

C. J. Black©β