NaPoWriMo2014 #29

Were comfort zones built by cowards?

C. J. Black.

If in doubt never fear of requesting guidance
What we cannot speak about we should pass over in silence.

I have been referred to on occasion as a class of a rough diamond
I still have to overcome my shyness in order to respond.

Lying here on the couch in my therapists room
Will assist me in signing off in my own name and not using a nom de plume.

On exiting his ‘surgery’ I feel totally exorcised
The demons inside my head seem lesser magnified.

This ‘poem’ you can take it from me is laced with cynicism
No matter how hard you try you’ll find not a trace of egotism.

Moving out of my comfort zone looking for recognition
I would if I only had an abundance of ammunition.

At this point the quill is quivering in my hand
So it’s time that I made my exit and obeyed its command.
C. J. Black©β


7 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo2014 #29

      1. I try, CJ, always, … but sometimes I feel oh so unsure of myself… or should I say my poems… I call them whimsies, …. at the whim of a muse which sometimes is cruel and flits just out of reach… 😀 xx


    1. I lived within shouting distance of our capital city for many a long year – moved to the country close to the sea that is now my haven, peace and tranquillity it really is good for the mind.


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