A mesmerising thought?

C. J. Black.
Where do they go? Those thoughts which surface then disappear
Somewhere out in the universe perhaps floating in the open air.
Here’s a mesmerising thought, what if somewhere out in space
There are aliens trying to interpret your poem, would that be a fall from grace?
Perhaps there is a Bard out there gathering up each one of them
Storing them away in his floating library to decipher with his *Collins Gem
If this is the case, then never again will I feel alienated
Allow them have all those marked rejected see how they handle being berated.
I’m sure the Pluto Times has a critic of its own
Who can criticise with the best of them, uttering the occasional moan
Critics here on Terra Firma are also a funny breed!
Better sign off on that note or I may have a case to plead.

C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A day in the life.

Sunday 18th May 2014
C. J. Black
It was it must be said a dull and dreary day
A soft day thank God the farmer he did say
He knew by my stare I wasn’t much well pleased
He took a quick step backwards as into my handkerchief I sneezed.
Your flower garden, now in full bloom
Do my sinuses no good when they decorate a room
You city folk, really are so much alike
If I wasn’t a polite country gent I’d tell you take a hike.

Born and reared to till the land and keep food on your table
Is my only claim to fame I’ll continue as long as I’m able
Do holiday in the country if that is your desire
I’ll work my fingers to the bone until the day I die, while you head for your condominium in the sun as soon as you retire.

It’s not sour grapes on my part this I’ll have you know
I am happy on the land once I can reap and sow
But city folk like you can’t but criticise
You’ll be old before your time, but when will you be wise?

It’s great to have the banter and to chew the cud
But the carryon of some folk is enough to boil the blood
I’m heading in for supper now the kettles on the boil
Looking skyward to the heavens – he said you know it’s true
You never need a time piece when nature tells you what to do
Eggs and hairy bacon, fresh vegetables from the soil
You’re more than welcome to join me, we can break bread together
Me casa you casa even though we’re birds of a different feather.
C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 18 May 2014

Times long past.

August 1945.
C. J. Black.

The faded dog eared calendar on the wall told its own story.
The scribbled pencil notes on the outer column.
Some dates marked with a circle or an x.
In the corner of the room stood a wooden tea chest filled with treasures from times long past.
The old Singer sewing machine with a garment still attached, left unfinished, one wonders what became of the person who was operating it at that given time?
The sense of what might have been, I sit awhile contemplating the silence.
Listening intently for ghostly noises.
Picking my way gently through the lives of those departed I venture up the creaking stairs, make as little noise as possible I tell myself.
Impossible, as the rotting wood stair steps falls to the floor below, who might I be disturbing?
In the sunshine streaming through an uncovered window at the top of the stairs I thought, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Did I just see a form pass along the landing?
Sweaty palms grip the unstable bannister, I look back, and see the stairway behind me disintegrating.
Turning back, I pick my steps carefully as I descend, on reaching the last step I breathe a long sigh of relief.
Emerging out into the bright sunlight, I make myself a firm promise – next time have a really sound excuse when someone suggests that you invade the lives of those gone before you.
Allow the dead rest in peace.
C. J. Black©β
Monday, 12 May 2014

In a contemplative mood.

C. J. Black
Thinking back on the time that this whole new world was opened up for me
And all my scribbling from down the years were to be laid bare for all to see.

I was set up on Soundcloud on Facebook and on Twitter
I went along with this action hoping to give the world a titter?

That was what I thought at first, until I was introduced to WordPress
It was then I started to take this seriously? I wanted to impress, I guess.

Isn’t it just amazing this thing they call going viral?
The thoughts that once lay dormant in your head suddenly begin to spiral.

It gives you a real kick start, gets you to concentrate more on what you’re doing
My mind could now be likened to the crab apple tree – bearing fruit for stewing.

By putting my scribblings out there it may give at least one reader pleasure
It really does not burden me in fact I get great pleasure
In putting words down on a page where they always seem to rhyme?
It is not for profit that I compose but really just to pass the time.
(On saying that though if there’s an agent out there wishing to take a look
Do contact me at any time I’m always in the market and willing to turn a buck!)

It is very therapeutic, don’t just take my word –
Go on, sit down try it yourself don’t think what you write might be absurd
Take stock of what you have just read, there is no doubt but you can do much better
The alphabet is there to assist – go on give it a lash there is a use for every letter.
C. J. Black©β Monday, 05 May 2014.

The vultures are circling.

Ramblings of an old man.

C. J. Black.

The large brown and white St. Bernard had left his blood stained paw prints trailing the marble porch tiles.
The police decided at this time to call for assistance before entering the house.
Reinforcements arrived and the area around the house was cordoned off.
On entering the house the grim discovery was made, the body of a fully clothed female was found at the bottom of the spiral staircase.
Carefully picking their steps they ascended the stairs after further checking the ground floor, they arrived at the master bedroom door which was slightly ajar.
On entering they discovered the remains of a naked blood stained female lying partially covered on the queen sized bed.
House to house investigations were then conducted, during the course of these investigations it was established that both victims were observed in a nearby park earlier accompanied by a male companion who was later seen escorting the ladies back to this particular house. Which was the residence of the lady found downstairs.
Ramsey Shepperd immigrated to Mexico where he married his long time pen pal Romany Schults she headed up an I.T. company where he was employed as programmer, Ramsey had a twin brother back in Ireland, Bryan, neither had seen eye to eye for a number of years.
Ramsey and Romany returned to Ireland and set up their own business in the Southern part of the country.
Both Ramsey and Romany were classed as workaholics who mixed in different circles to that of his brother.
Ramsey’s St. Bernard it was said was his best friend they could be seen regularly strolling in the park, while to unwind Romany enjoyed nothing better than her game of chess within her close circle of friends.
One of Romany’s friends Rebecca was known to have many men friends none of whom she saw on a regular basis.
Her own marriage had broken down a couple of years before with her husband moving away to make a new home with his partner.
C. J. Black©β
Any semblance of truth is totally accidental in relation to people’s names, work environs or location.
If and it’s a big if I am inspired further there will be more but I would not hold my breath.