Growing Grey Gracefully.

C. J. Black
I’m starting a new adventure, turning right onto writer’s highway. Having never ventured before the excitement is palpable, the challenge of challenging yourself to try something new is something we all should relish.
Awesome in a good way, it is as good as the smell of ink being poured into your inkwell reading desk, making quite sure you have ample supply of writing paper, blotting paper, that your quill is fit for purpose, this to me is akin to the fellow crossing Niagara falls without a safety net one slip up and you are history.
My time and place when I set out to write – time, preferably as night begins to fall, I find this the more relaxing, although I do chance to write in the early morning before the distractions of the day show their heads, family excluded I must quickly add.
Place, my writing den where I can hide myself away from all distractions – tune into my choice of music or depending on the mood the music choice of The Blue of the Night which you can find on RTE LYRIC FM.
Other places I find conducive to writing are train travel – the rhythm can be most relaxing and the fact that you can get up go for a walk through the carriages should you wish to free the mind for a few moments – also whilst walking, it is good practise to carry a Dictaphone should you get a prompt from something you may observe or a sudden burst of inspiration should expose itself.
A combination of all the above regularly bears fruit, it may not always be sweet tasting but then again some people like myself for instance at times enjoy a taste of sour!
I will never know the answer to this question at times I pose to myself – what would be the end result of taking pen and paper onto a submarine for a week, has anybody experienced the experience? If so do let the world know of your exploits – I for one would be intrigued.
Writing 101, Day 2 completed, hope some of it makes some sense to at least one person.
C. J. Black©β
03/06/2014 22:52:33

12 thoughts on “Growing Grey Gracefully.

  1. Writing on a train is awesome. I recommend it highly. Actually writing anywhere where you usually don’t write can work marvelously. One thing I like about my kitchen table vs my writing desk is I can see the yard and the urban farm in its various stages of growth and be inspired by the seasons. Of course a little wine never hurts the process, does it?


    1. Even a lot of wine hurts a lot less Julie, off to get my trowel now and go post exhuming. Thanks for the comment, sure you know me by now I’ll chance having a bash at most things even if I don’t know what I’m doing.


  2. How wonderful to have a spot all to yourself to write!
    Night is when I read. For putting down words, I do best very early in morning. I tend to get up and take the dog down to the lake or marina as the sun comes up – the sky is alway interesting, and it’s the only time I can hear real life – birds, wind, trees, boats, and just that early expectant quiet -and a chance to pretend I’m not in the middle of people. Ideas sort out while walking and I can write once back inside. Oddly though I also write a great deal in my sleep, so much is ready to go by morning.
    Enjoyed the post – especially this: ” it may not always be sweet tasting but then again some people like myself for instance at times enjoy a taste of sour!”
    Well said


    1. Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment – you omitted to say where you take the dog sounds to me like it’s Tranquility. Off now to follow and catch on your posting.


  3. Thanks for your visit to 1sojournal. I’ve been writing for almost forty years, and my favorite place is right here, at my desk. Sitting in this chair means putting down words. It has become that simple. That is not to say I haven’t tried all of your suggestions. All of them and more, and each has its own energy. I am old, slow, and comfort is a priority, lol…


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