Quite a trick don’t you think?

C. J. Black
I find myself sitting at my writing desk and climbing the walls at the same time, not a ladder in sight I might add.
There is nothing happening, like trying to get blood from a stone. What to write about is the burning question – waiting for the Muse to arrive with a steaming pot of inspiration, strong with no sugar I’ll milk it myself thank you.
Just like I’m milking this effort, but the coffee will be much easier consumed than a story will be created. Cremated more like if I don’t get my act together, at this point perhaps it is the right thing to do, adjourn read a chapter or two of a book, just in case you are interested in what I am about to sit and read it’s ‘The Abbey by Chris Culver’
Ah that’s better much more relaxed, well as relaxed as you can be after reading a couple of chapters of a crime novel – not all about crossing yourself and being sprinkled with holy water as you might expect.
Where do people get the ideas from to write such stories – as much as I read the everyday happenings of criminality in the real world listen to and watch news bulletins about horrendous crimes – I just can’t see myself sitting down jumbling it all together finding names and places etc. etc. etc. and coming up with a plausible story line.
But then again an author of renown probably couldn’t sit down and after writing 258 words have written as much nonsense as I have – there is the difference.
I can admit it and you can agree – the word waffle was invented to describe what I have written thus far, if there is somewhere on this planet a waffling competition you have my blessing to enter my name.
I am sitting back now looking at what I have achieved? – Like the cat with the cream – you can’t see it but it’s there an ear to ear grin.
Writing 101 Day 3 Try free writing, empty your mind onto the page – above is the result.
C. J. Black©β
04/06/2014 20:01:43
Three of my favourite songs and the reasons why, I will be brief with this – Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine. Tom T. Hall, I had the great fortune to interview the man after a show he performed in Dublin, Ireland back in the dim and distant past.

Seven Spanish Angels – all you have to do is listen to Willie Nelson to know the reason why.
How to pick No.3 – To be truthful with you my favourite Country Artist is Merle Haggard there are so many, many of his compositions I could choose – suffice to say I’m stumped – well pick one – ok – Footlights.


5 thoughts on “Quite a trick don’t you think?

  1. Hi Chris doing catch up on your writing. I really like his one. And I might listen to a bit of Mr. Nelson when I get home. Those Spanish Angles are running around my head!!


  2. G’day Chris,
    First off let me than you for your visits to my page, greatly appreciated. I must say I enjoyed reading the above, free writing is as hard for me as free verse, doesn’t work at all. I envy your ability to waffle as you put it hahaha, it made sense to me, is that a cause to worry ?
    P.S Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine. is one of my favourites as well/


    1. We both seem to have impeccable taste? feel free to laugh at me any time you wish be guaranteed you won’t be on your own as my nearest and dearest continue to get a laugh out of me – runs off me like water off a ducks back G’day.


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