Tee to Green Part 2 of 3

C. J. Black.
This Saturday morning started off as always, the usual ritual/routine.
10 minutes from the golf course I called Ted – no response. I tried once more still no response, as we were coming close to the car park I thought it wise to continue on and park the car, as I did Ted came around – I said, Christ Ted you put the heart crossways in me for a minute are you ok?
Just feel a bit groggy but I’ll be fine once we are standing on the 1st tee.
We got ourselves organised, set the balls up and tossed the coin, Ted was off first – what was most uncommon of Ted, his tee off shot was most wayward, and normally it would be right down the middle.
Did you see where it landed he asked me, now Ted would be very diligent in all aspects of his life and at all times he brought that diligence with him to the golf course.
C. J. Black©β


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