I love you too.

C. J. Black

It was a horrendous morning, dark, pouring rain I was running late hoping not to miss my bus, I noticed this crumbled piece of paper in a small puddle of water, what made me pick it up I will never know.
Smoothing it out as best I could I began to read, my darling Mark I am on my way, just posting this brief note to let you know the decision is made, I will be with you in two days I’ll break the news to him from there.
My wife in her urge to leave had dropped the note.
C. J. Black©β
A hundred word story.
Writing 101 Day 5 – Be brief.


9 thoughts on “I love you too.

  1. Wow. That last lines a heart breaker.
    I’ll admit, I had to read this twice. The lack of punctuation threw me off at first, but the last line hit hard enough I felt the need to reread it for what it is and in some ways it might have added to the piece.
    I sometimes wonder what a piece sounds like in the writer’s head, or read by the writer. How would it flow.

    All in all, I liked this quite a bit. Great job.


    1. Thank you, point taken, but I don’t think you would really like to get inside my head.
      I might look at the prospect of putting up a live version at some point.
      Thanks again.


      1. Fair enough. My comments come from my own writing style. I have a tendency of overusing punctuation, so it throws me off when I don’t have those little cues as to how things flow.

        You can be certain though, I did enjoy reading this very much (in the way you enjoy reading sad things, of course).


    1. Thank you, it amazes me what can be ‘achieved’ when the challenge is put up to you.
      This is not something I would normally attempt – so far I am glad I took Writing 101 on board, that is not to suggest it is going to get any easier as it progresses.


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