Tee to Green Part 3 of 3.

C. J. Black.
I stepped up addressed the ball, struck a sweet shot straight down the middle, turned back to replace the club in the bag only to find Ted slumped to the ground.
Leaning over him I found a very weak pulse, putting him in the recovery position I quickly made my way to the club house from where an ambulance was called.
In what seemed like an eternity but was just under 20 minutes the paramedic team arrived – Ted was very weak at this time.
They got him to the ambulance, I followed on in my own car having loaded our golf bags and other equipment into the car.
Being a few minutes behind the ambulance, when I arrived I was met by one of the paramedics outside the accident and emergency with the news that they lost Ted shortly before they reached the hospital.
The news rocked me to the core.
There was a huge turnout at Ted’s funeral – club members and non-members formed a guard of honour as Ted made his final journey, I placed his trusty putter on his coffin just before it was interred.
I never again played a round of golf, losing my golf partner was like losing my right arm.
But I have many happy memories – Thank you Ted.
C. J. Black©β


11 thoughts on “Tee to Green Part 3 of 3.

      1. Well you sure had me believing it. Well done. Loved the bit about the putter. that was a very nice touch. I’ve actually known a few men who died on the golf course — 2 at the course where I played when I lived in Montreal. And 1 who passed when he was in bed with a woman who happened not to be his girlfriend. No, Had nothing to do with me :). But it is true. His brother had the unfortunate job of trying how to get his body out of there on the Q.T.


      2. Glad you are still talking to me after that revelation Fransi. There is a great story in that golfing episode, perhaps one day I will get to read about it? Looking forward to the Open starting next Thursday? Just saw some of the highlights of the Canadian Grand Prix, how did both drivers walk away from such a horrendous smash?


      3. Haha! Of course I’m still talking to you. Well, I believe in fate and when it’s not your time, it’s not your time. And when it is your time there’s no avoiding it — whether you choke on a grape, slip in the tub, have a heart attack or suffer some catastrophic accident.


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