Pick the bones out of that! (Fictitious Clancy)

C. J. Black. (Writing 101 Day Seven, Give and Take. Write the post in a form of dialogue)

We were sitting in the “snug” engrossed in the goings on.
When Fictitious Clancy said, I think we should consider writing a book – but where on earth would we start?
I sat there, not quite dumbfounded staring into my pint – after due consideration I gave him these few lines –
“There he lay, empty bottle of Jack Daniels by his elbow. Blood shot eyes staring into the emptiness afraid of sleep. Suddenly a cold sweat oozed through every pore. The bedpost plunging his heart”
There you are now said I, pick the bones out of that.
He looked at me in amazement – said drink up, your pint’s gone flat.
I said is that all you have to say about my kick start for your book
Ah no he said it’s to celebrate, lubricate the mind just in case you get stuck.
Now I tell you, I was having none of this, I told him that in no uncertain manner.
I knew what his response would be – into the works you always have to throw a spanner.
I could see he was getting rattled as I sat there feeling smug
It’s amazing the thoughts that swim around in your head after a few pints in the “snug”
Fictitious Clancy and I could never have a falling out
We know one another too well for that, both of us know what we’re about.
So we put our heads together and decided to strategize
We posted the storyline on the pub notice board, we’re awaiting prompt replies.
Perhaps you also wish to get involved – go on don’t be shy
Surprise Fictitious Clancy by giving it a try.
Who knows we could get into the Guinness book of records for writing the greatest flop
Or then again it might surprise us and make those cash registers hop?
So who is going to be the first to try and milk the bull?
Sure if we didn’t have a Daily Challenge life would be quite dull.
We’ve just ordered two more pints – opened the box of dominoes
By closing time we could have a best seller on our hands – who knows?
Fictitious Clancy raised his glass in silent celebration
The amber nectar tastes even sweeter when in good company – enjoying your libation?
C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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