Be afraid be very afraid.

A full moon rising.

C. J. Black.

It happened, a frightening sight
On this, full moon night.

While travelling on a late night tram
Hair started growing on his left arm.

His eyebrows began to grow
Facial hair began to show.

It started sprouting from his nose
His hackles then arose.

He stood up let out a loud howl
Sitting down began to growl.

Fear engulfed all on board
The sound of silence, not a word.

What to do in such circumstance
Look elsewhere don’t even glance.

You can’t ask to disembark
Your request might just raise a spark.

After all he was in control?
So silence, all should extoll.

For future travel have a calendar check
Also check the hair on the back of your neck.

Also, ignore everything I relate
On full moon nights I tend to hallucinate?

C. J. Black©β
Friday, 13 June 2014

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