Definitely Not Madonna!

By C. J. Black.
Like a Virgin among the pros I decided to venture forth, exposing myself to the literary world.
Not having anyone to discuss the end results of my scribbling efforts with or what I may be doing right or wrong, at this stage of my life I can take both correction/rejection.
Correction/rejection to me is akin to medication, continue to take it and you will get better?
I continue to be amazed at how prolific people are and at their dedication. O.K. to many of them it is a means of making a living, but even so one must continue with the thinking process at all times, am I correct in this statement?
There you go another conundrum, posing questions to the ghost in the room and what is more scary, expecting answers.
Once a seed is planted, I am like a dog with a bone, I gnaw away at an idea. Continuing to scribble until the inkwell runs dry – just like with this effort.
On reading an article on why not enter – I thought grab the bull by the horns, go for it.
Keep your bottle of water close at hand to flush away another rejection?
C. J. Black©β


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