The Old Timer.

C. J. Black.
Write a post inspired by a real life conversation. Writing 101 Day Twelve Assignment (Virtual) Dark Clouds On The Horizon.
He stood leaning on the wooden fencing drinking in the bright multi-colours of a field in full bloom, festooned with wild flowers, purple, red, orange in fact all the colours of the rainbow and then some.
Years of hard graft now a comfort in old age, flowers were his passion, whether growing wild or in his hot houses, people came from far and near to purchase – shrubs, potted plants, flowers to adorn graves, wedding bouquets, flowers for all occasions, he had return visitors year on year placing orders, for the ceremonies held in grave yards throughout the county and bordering counties, his personality, as much as his flowers was also an attraction.
Living alone, the business was becoming not so much a burden, in as much as it was a hobby, as well as earning him a good living it gave him something to get up for each breaking dawn.
The arthritis, now that was a problem – bending, stooping, his hands were beginning to stiffen up, all this playing on his mind was no help as he was also becoming forgetful day by day which was frustrating, leave something out of my hand he’d say and spend half an hour looking for it, only to find I already planted it earlier, it was getting close to decision time, but no one could make the decision for me, they could give me all the advice they wanted but at the end of the day it was I who had to make the choice, so here I am standing, leaning on this wooden fence pondering my life or what I have left of it, what should I do? Where would I go? one sure fact I could not stay around and either see the business bought and then raised to the ground or on a daily basis watch people come and go as though nothing had changed, house and property would have to go on the market as a single lot, a chapter of my life closed but not forgotten, the thought is actually breaking my heart my life for sixty years gone with the drop of a hammer, what have I to look forward to? A future without flowers in it is not what I ever anticipated, now it is becoming a reality.
Feeling tired and emotional, he retired for one last night in his own house, in his own bed.
They placed a wreath of his own flowers on his grave two days after the sale.
C. J. Black©β

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