All pure speculation.

C. J. Black.
Writing 101, Day Fourteen Assignment: To Whom It May Concern, pick the nearest book and flip to page 29, what jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.

Page 29 opened, first word to catch the eye – speculated.
I speculated with myself what to write about, thinking I might write a constructive piece is probably sheer speculation on my part?
Take the word speculated, must go and check its true meaning.
To gain any advantage in writing a piece worthy of the reader’s time, I guess one must speculate to accumulate.
The dictionary definition of the word speculated is not something to be speculated upon, but must be defined properly.
Those who beg to differ are but speculators.
Could I have ever speculated when opening page 29 of A Voyage round John Mortimer, The authorised biography, by Valerie Grove, that I would get so much mileage from the word speculated?
You are right in your thinking that it was nigh improbable.
But there you are it can be done in winsome fashion I speculate?
I’m rounding off now, you will be glad to know I’ve speculated way too much, but before I go, the dictionary definition of the word speculated, you may wish to know is – you’ve guessed right, not in my dictionary.
Yours, in the art of speculation and scribbling,
C. J. Black©β
19/06/2014 23:16:31


4 thoughts on “All pure speculation.

    1. Thanks again Fransi, It is an exercise I will try again maybe not for print but just to see can it be followed up – as you know from your posts 365 all of which had substance may I add, writing a daily post keeps you thinking on your toes.


      1. It does indeed. It is a great mental exercise and I know it made me a better, easier writer. I have really been enjoying your posts.


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