Opened my writing desk, there it was.

C. J. Black.
I never ever dreamed all those years ago
That writing would play a big part in my life –
Then I fortunately FOUND, what’s referred to as my MOJO.
I was, way back then like the proverbial fish out of water –
Wondering, what was going on?
Never thinking in this literally world that I could belong.
Not, that even now would I be that presumptuous-
But believing at all times that everything has its purpose
I locked myself away in this private world, in total wonderment
Hunting through the alphabet following the scent
Finding letters along the way, time could never be considered misspent.
Everything that was laid down could never be perceived as proper ‘writing’
Such as what you are now reading – which is in bad need of thorough editing
But it is written to prove a point, that anything in this world is possible
We all can, with assistance, overcome the most awkward of obstacle
Signing up for this Assignment – Writing 101, for me was ploughing virgin ground
Feeling vindicated in myself that I had undoubtedly FOUND
The ‘artist’ that is within all of us, which some refer to as your MOJO
So roll that dice or if you prefer give it a solid throw
Don’t wait for the IT to happen, it doesn’t happen that way I believe
Sit down put your thoughts on paper, consider the masterpiece you may conceive.
C. J. Black©β
Thursday, 19 June 2014

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