My Gain your Loss.

C. J. Black.
Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Serial Killer 111. Broadly based on the theme ‘LOST and FOUND.

Retrieved this from the LOST and FOUND department-
Of which my collection is well stocked – just as well I am detached, not housed in an apartment!

What is success, if not failure turned inside out
I continue to live in the now, closing the lid on doubt.

Not the simplest thing to do on a regular basis-
Hold your trousers up, without belt or braces.

We would be LOST, if we could not at ourselves have laugh?
Doubtless be FOUND friendless and left among the chaff.

I’d much prefer if I could be a ripened head of corn
Waiting to be harvested, listening out for Gabriel’s horn.

Writing silly poetry lines especially on the rebound
Is really great therapy at least that is what I have FOUND?

I can come back at you of this have no doubt – as for words I’m never LOST
If you happen to offended by me or my retort – it’s I who will pay the cost.

C. J. Black©β
Monday, 23 June 2014


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