Redundant Feeling

C. J. Black
Writing 101, Day Seventeen:
Your Personality on a page.
We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of?
Address one of your worst fears.
Today’s twist: Write this in a distinct style from your own.

Probably because I never participated in sport to any great extent, I can wonder out loud how it feels to be substituted.
Here you are giving your all for the team, in your head they are performing to their full potential but are never going to win the encounter, then out of the blue just quarter the way into the second half and without any prior discussion, but after some consultation with a third party the manager decides it’s you, yes you, who they see as the weak link.
They flash your number up for all to see, makes no matter whether the crowd is sparse or perhaps in their thousands the gut feeling must be still the same – humiliation –

You make the long walk to the substitutes bench area, on the way, you hear the ringing cheers from the terraces, you reach the bench area, arms are put around you, you are congratulated, slapped on the back, comforting words are spoken then you are told – go get an early shower!!!!!!!!!!

Off you go, game still in progress, confused in your head by the antics of all that has gone on both on and off the field in what seemed like an eternity to you but was just in the space of several minutes. It’s not a shower you want but a discussion with your shrink – why me you wonder, depending what code of sport you were playing there were any number of players who could have been called ashore.

You return after freshening up to find that the person who was deemed better to fill your boots has been shown a straight red, you drop your head into your hands in a show of desperation for all concerned but really you have a comforting smile and thinking – yes there is a God.

The question must be asked, and I don’t know if there is an answer to satisfy the mind of the person who has been substituted, sacked or made redundant depending on the code in which you toiled –

Who deems themselves to be in a position and suggest to know that it is you who are the cog in the wheel who no matter how much it is oiled are the one who is the problem, after all unless they wrote, produced & directed the script even then is their decision deemed to be correct?

C. J. Black©β
Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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