We never mixed with the Jones’s

C. J. Black.
Writing 101, Day Nineteen:
Don’t stop the rockin’
Today is free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash talking, and no second guessing: Just go.
Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing around with but think is too silly to post.
(This is an idea I have been playing around with – don’t think it’s too silly to post)

It was Thursday I was miserably broke, walking the aisles of the supermarket looking for bargains.
Bargains such as, soon to be out of date meats, out of date yogurts – in fact anything edible that my small budget could cover.
I was trying hard to supress the tears welling up in my eyes, fear of embarrassing myself in front of all those passing, with shopping trolley’s, overflowing with items they probably did not require – but you could not be seen with the bare minimum, people might talk.
Things hadn’t been easy since we both lost our jobs.
Bills still arrived, a roof had to be kept over our head, some things just never changed.
Appearances had to be kept up – people might talk.
We sold one of the cars – what was the point?
There was just the two of us, we confined ourselves to one room with the exception that is, of the kitchen.
Where we dined most nights by candle light, very romantic you might think – the real reason being they had switched off the power to the house.
We took turns cooking on the one ring gas cooker.
Conserving as best we could the contents of that precious gas cylinder, keeping all doors closed also conserved the heat.
Our middle class existence was a far cry from how we were reared.
Back then, neighbours were friends, all looked out for one another, paying regular visits, when going to visit you brought a little something to have with the tea.
The visits were brief, but long enough for both parties to recognise the need for keeping in touch.
Living the middle class life was nothing like that.
You barely knew your neighbours, you got a glance of them coming and going to their place of employment.
Their weekends were busy ferrying their 2.5 family hither and thither.
It was either basketball, swimming, football or drama.
There appeared to the naked eye at any rate, little family bonding.
It was mostly a case of keeping up with the Jones’s.
We continued to keep ourselves to ourselves, never trying to show signs of prosperity we could not afford.
Then like wildfire word spread.
The word on everyone’s lips-repossession.
Over a short period of time we found ourselves living in what was then labelled a ghost estate.
Luckily we both carried the wise words of parents and those who went before us through into our adult lives – take care of the penny’s and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Even though it was a hard slog we kept our powder dry, eventually the cloud with the silver lining appeared.
We were able to fill in the black hole.
Those who were too busy keeping up with the Jones’s, their black hole just got deeper and deeper.
C. J. Black©β Thursday, 26 June 2014 http://www.chrisblack2012.wordpress.com

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