Today I have been quite prolific?

C. J. Black
There is nothing quite like it when you’re in the groove
You feel like you could write forever just to prove –
That there is no point in standing stock still
Once the ink is pumping through your quill.
Today I have been quite prolific
While there are days which were quite horrific
Every writer I guess takes that fall
And comes up against that invisible brick wall.
But never let us contemplate defeat
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes – be upbeat
Shoulder to the wheel – create that positive mind-set
Your alphabets your best friend – never see it as a threat.
See what can happen when you’re in the groove
You’ve created a poem in one swift move
Line by line in double quick time
Not perfectly crafted, nor precise rhyme.
But a poem all the same
It’s your creation, feel no shame.
There is but one thing left to do
Give it a title – to your poem be true.
A real strong moniker leads the reader in
Or all your hard graft could find its -self-confined to the shred-it bin.
C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 29 June 2014


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