Poesy plus Polemics

"Brain Paint" Illustration from amusingto.com “Brain Paint”
Illustration from amusingto.com

words in verse on a page
amply tattoo the literate skin of the mind
two-dimensional representations of thoughts
given vascular voice
speaking meaning to membranes
that pulse with the purpose of poets
absorbed through the draw of a subdural thirst
to be sated by lyrical genius

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Fifty – Word Inspiration.

Fills me with trepidation
How to approach this
No thought of – give this a miss
To-day being UFO day
I thought – Ah something to say?
A topic which to sink your teeth into
Or does it with your mind screw?
Imagine, Unidentified Flying Objects
What is the world coming to?
C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 02 July 2014