What the Dickens is this?

C. J. Black
You truly are a word magician – your quill being your wand
I thought, with such a compliment with this person I could bond
Purely within the realms of writing, I will have you know
It couldn’t happen otherwise advised my good wife Flo.
As it takes two to tango and I know her so well
One false move on my part I’d be swallowed up in the ground swell.

Enough about my private life, on with the task in hand
We made contact with each other to discuss what might be planned
The coming together of opposites, a benefit to both sides
It’s amazing, the end result when you dare cross those great divides.

Here I am jumping the gun again, we’ve yet to collaborate
But I get the feeling in my bones the end result will be Great-
Expectations, are things we should all aspire to
They had to be to the fore front for Shakespeare when writing The Taming of the Shrew?

No point I suggest in thinking ‘small fish’
Go for something of real substance, create the ideal tasty dish.
Listen, footsteps approach, it’s my collaborator
We’re adjourning to my writing den, we’ll be returning later-

Hours have passed, now here we are full of vim and vigour
We’re ready to release it, 3-2-1 now pull that trigger
There you are now, poetry writing for me it is pure fun
The wife, collaborator, are in truth, me rolled into one.

C. J. Black©β
21/07/2014 00:01:29