It’s not always simple.


C. J. Black


I left this poem simmering for quite a long while

Which if you knew me, that’s really not my ‘style’

The reason for this, I was trying hard to gauge-

Is poetry really such a strange language?


It’s dangerous I suggest to get to philosophical

Or you’ll end up with a poem reading somewhat diabolical?

A poem I guess, that should never see the light of day

Until you are satisfied you have something positive to say.


This poem is what could be classed a sort of work in progress

What the end result will be is anybody’s guess

If you are confused with what this poem is about

Too much psychoanalysing will in turn breathe extra doubt.

 C. J. Black©β

Wednesday, 30 July 2014






2 thoughts on “It’s not always simple.

  1. Love the ending C.J. I remember my Irish teacher telling us he wrote a bed time story for his daughter. It was subsequently published and we had to study it for Junior cert. He wouldn’t teach it, because he said it did not mean half of what they said it did. They were over analysing a simple bed time story about a mouse. Sometimes listening to my English teacher I thought he had a point.


    1. Thanks Tric, I love the endings also it means I am finished with what ever it is I’ve started – but don’t get me started with teachers!!!! have a good day.


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