Accepting the bounce of the ball.

C. J. Black.

It gets no easier or so I’m told
The acceptance of growing old
But I retort and say why ponder
Accept with grace what we can’t tear asunder
Live every day as though it were your last
Greet each new dawn with a trumpet blast
Why hold a fear of dying, it is part of what we are
We started out, as a twinkle in the eye, someday we’ll be a shining star.

C. J. Black©β
Saturday 2nd August 2014

8 thoughts on “Accepting the bounce of the ball.

  1. True enough. But it’s the creeping up on you I don’t like :). You don’t seem to notice the little stuff and then, all of a sudden one day — whaaappp!!! It takes you 10 minutes to get out of a chair and the next thing you know you’re back in a diaper.


    1. So that’s what I have to look forward to – thanks Fransi, just what I needed to brighten a totally miserable day – weather wise that is – the sunshine suddenly turned into stair rods of rain, hope it’s better with you.


      1. We had a torrential downpour and hail here yesterday. This morning it’s sunny. Our summer has been outstanding just up to the last couple of weeks when it has been quite unstable. Dark and dismal first thing, then suddenly beautiful sunshine then dark and stormy with short bursts of thundershowers, then bright sunshine again. Quite bizarre. But hardly any of the humidity we usually get in summer. So overall, lovely.

        Bet you never expected a complete weather report when you asked the question LOL!!


      2. Thank you. Was it not all sunshine and roses back in the time (when I had more hair and it was a different colour) before they started playing space invaders and inventing carbon footprints!! May be a theme for you to tackle at some point in time?


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