Both unquestionably worth the effort.

C. J. Black

I know little about giving birth
I do know though about the joy and mirth
An event that brings much joy
Once all are healthy, mother, girl or boy.

The birth of a poem to its author
Is cherished as you would a son or daughter!
From the time you sow the seed
You nourish it until your eyes bleed.

For it too must be handled as you’d raise a child-
Or you will have a problem, as both of them will run wild
It’s all about correction, keeping them in line
A child will grow to be upright and your poem will rhyme?

There will always be difficulties which ever path you take
But once that bun is in the oven, it is yours to bake.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 03 August 2014

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