Clock Watching.

C. J. Black

Sitting here passing time
Thinking out loud in rhyme
It’s funny if not strange
Not to find a word that rhymes with orange?
When the mind begins to play tricks on you
Silently my expressions turn the air blue
Little beads of sweat or should that be perspiration?
Join in and they both form a sort of relation
Perhaps they’ll get together and breed
Or for that again they may concede
To give that idea a miss and go their separate ways
Leave me floundering, groping at straws in a foggy haze
I love it went an unplanned plan plants an idea in your head
For when I started out to write I had nothing in my head
Did I hear a sarcastic remark? Did I hear someone say?
When you start out to write is ever any other way?
I know this poem will make no sense to anyone but me
But just accept it for what it is that is my earnest plea
Tonight I’m feeling rather fragile I’m in need of some TLC
I will do better next time, just you wait and see
This could go on for pages more be of little doubt
So I’m putting the cap on the bottle of ink and opening a bottle of stout.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 03 August 2014

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