Nip and Tuck in.

C. J. Black

Sitting by the water’s edge, legs dangling in the water
The smile upon the sting ray’s face – ah lambs to the slaughter.

Taking no notice of what may lie beneath
Suddenly you feel it – something at your feet.

Quickly you withdraw, but you are not quick enough
With pin point accuracy – the sting ray he has struck.

You scream in anguish, those about you take no heed
Or is it they’re anxious to escape – how many will succeed?

The sting ray with his family continue on their merry way
Those who were not near the water’s edge, were not prepared to stay.

I must admit I was one of this squeamish bunch
Who moved sideways along the pier – ordered fish and chips for lunch.

C. J. Black©β
Tuesday, 05 August 2014


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