Go to the top of the class.

C. J. Black

Here is the burning question – are you a little bit like me
When sitting down to write, do you have a plan B?
Once you set out with a plan B in place –
You can plot your way as you wish, move freely at your own pace.

It’s like the old adage – take an umbrella with you and it will rarely rain
Carry a head ache tablet – you’ll rarely suffer pain
You should never say I’m going nowhere – this place does not exist
Writing nonsense as you can see is something I just can’t resist.

What is the purpose of this poem? So well you may ask
It is the result of setting myself this daily task –
To write something, anything regardless of how obscure
It may not ease the pain within, but it will assist the cure?

So you see it is that simple – go on give it a try
Don’t let it defeat you or your confidence destroy
There is a proverb out there that totally sums up Moi
“Believe nothing of what you hear, and only a little of what you see”

C. J. Black©β
Wednesday, 06 August 2014


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