In Memory of Rhyme,

C. J. Black
I had this thought, perhaps now is the time
To write a piece of poetry in memory of rhyme
What if rhyme died without an obituary?
To write in memory of rhyme seems to me to be obligatory.

I know for me if rhyme had not been invented
In the larger schemes of things I’d be less contented
For how would those who relish writing poetry in rhyme
How would we honestly continue pass the time?

Questions such as these are posed just to prove-
That once rhyme lives we will be in that groove
Once rhyme continues to be nurtured there is little risk-
That the art of writing in rhyme will be put in jeopardy.

The poetry garden will, given time
Once we continue it to nurture, supply us with rhyme
So let us continuously reap what we have sown
If we allow rhyme to die ’twill be too late then for us to mourn.

This may not be the perfect piece, written to honour rhyme
But it clears my head it must be said by accident more than design
Perhaps in the poets graveyard in some far off distant time
A line from this piece can be inscribed In Memory of Rhyme.

Poem = a thing made, thanks to the ancient Greeks-
We have this form to play around with, us poetic geeks
It’s way too late in the day to begin to philosophise –
Perhaps someone more adept would care to exercise-
Their grey matter, and in their own time
Write a solemn obituary, something quite sublime.
With these words this piece I’ll close
Leaving the door ajar for those who write prose-
To take up the baton and without further delay
Write your obituary for prose, let us hear what you have to say.

C. J. Black©β
Thursday, 07 August 2014

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