A Head Scratcher?

C. J. Black

‘Someday’, now there is a time that will lead you nowhere
No doubt on your arrival you’ll have lots of time to spare
For some, seven days in a week is not long enough
Still they spend lots of those days doing unnecessary ‘stuff’
I think, illogically to my mind I stress to say
That necessary ‘stuff’ can be dealt with efficiently ‘someday’.

I guess we are all guilty of this if the truth be known
Let they who plead not guilty, be the first to cast a stone
Let their actions be recorded, I’ll watch it on replay
Maybe not tomorrow but I promise I will ‘someday’.

C. J. Black©β
Saturday, 09 August 2014


6 thoughts on “A Head Scratcher?

    1. Aint that the truth Tric – hey congratulations I see you are on the next rung of the ladder, I appear to have taken the road signposted oblivion can’t wait to see who I encounter on that journey!! Hope you are well sheltered from the hurricane the blowing up this part of the country that is assuming you are getting similar weather.


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