A Bolt From The Blue.

C. J. Black

The rain has eased, the wind has dropped, and the sun has got his hat on
All the seasons bundled together, summer appears long gone.

Dress this morning, khaki trousers, and short sleeved shirt
Went for morning constitutional – had to quickly put on a spurt.

In this part of the country – it’s greeted as, soft day praise the Lord
Dripping wet you nod agreement, you could greet it with a stronger word.

Except there is no point, you can’t change your circumstance
No point being forlorn, chin up, chest out prepare to go the full distance.

It’s a great topic of conversation – the weather
Meet a stranger – undoubtedly it will be, sure we’re all in it together.

Good job we don’t have control of the weather-vane
Or for sure we’d be awash with reasons to complain.

I’m a bit like the weather myself, wet behind the ears – I know I should rehearse
Or I never will be poetry, I’ll continue to be doggerel verse.

C. J. Black©β
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

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