A Shining Light.

C. J. Black

Wonderful feeling? Another night to sit and write
Working away until it breaks daylight
I thoroughly enjoy being a night owl
Going silently in search of words – always on the prowl.

I guess everyone who writes has a different approach?
Some like peace and solitude, others don’t mind if on them you encroach
They more than enjoy the ‘interruption’ say it helps their train of thought
While I work best in total silence or else I become nervous and distraught.

Whichever formula you apply – it was designed to be-
Once you’re comfortable in your skin, with this would you agree?
Putting pen to paper continuing to engage-
Watching your words mysteriously spill and fill a blank page-
Writing nothing, as a writer to you is of little benefit
So continue putting pen to paper – re-read and then edit.

C. J. Black©β



5 thoughts on “A Shining Light.

  1. If I don’t start writing first thing, the day seeps away from my grasp and the words are lost until the following morning. Think by noon tiredness sets in and muddles the already addled brain preventing any further work.


    1. I was once told Mary Rose – think in the negative and you will write in the negative, still trying to figure that out after many years – not that I’d be prolific – my writing is fun based while established/successful writers are under pressure to produce on a daily basis which much be difficult, as the day is seeping away I wish you luck in your endeavours.


  2. I love writing at Starbucks. I like the ‘energy’. If it’s too quiet I find it distracting so solitude doesn’t work for me.


    1. Different strokes for different folks Fransi – I just can’t settle in to writing during daylight hours, this is not suggesting that what comes from my night time antics can be ascribed as writing.


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