A Continuum.

A Continuum.
C. J. Black

I would never class this as solitary confinement
Sitting here with quill in hand, I find unspoken contentment.

Surrounded by familiarity will never breed contempt
As for other duties or obligations I can never be exempt.

It is not as though you’re seated anchored to a chair
Finding it difficult to get words to fit – never do despair.

Your creation will evolve of that there is little doubt
And when you eventually cross the finish line
You can shatter the sound of silence by giving a loud shout out
Showing two fingers, to the elephant in the room, retire contented with your glass of wine
Or perhaps you’re a coffee person or maybe you enjoy your green tea
Whatever is your tipple, it’s deserved don’t you agree?

After a little R&R, rest and relaxation
Following partaking of your favourite libation.

If you are like me you will return and once more take your seat
Write upon a different thought, an entirely different drum beat.

Mentally, I suggest there is a certain thread we follow
At some stage the spool will run out, I just hope it will allow –

Me, to find a way to bring this poem to a conclusion
If not believe you me, in my head will be absolute confusion.
So that’s it now in its raw state, my arms I now extend
I’ll close the book and walk away, could this possibly be the end?

C. J. Black©β http://www.chrisblack2012.wordpress.com/poetry/weekly post


7 thoughts on “A Continuum.

    1. The end of one Mary Rose – the beginning of another – I can’t wait to see what transpires next week!!!!!!!!!!
      That doesn’t sound proper English but it will suffice?
      Thanks for dropping by, I’m lagging a bit behind had a tech free day yesterday after posting.


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