Don’t instantly dismiss this.

Don’t instantly dismiss this.
C. J. Black
Congratulations ‘Photobombing’ as you join the letter P
A ‘new’ word now enters the Collins Dictionary.
Reading here, would you think this suggestion absurd?
Could a gathering of poets equally have a common word?
While the Welsh have their Eisteddfod
I don’t believe this to be quite odd.
A word perhaps that trips easily off the tongue
Session I propose as a word, has the ring of ‘young’
That let me swiftly add is not to infer, that all poets are old
I would never think along those lines, never be so bold.
So I leave you with this thought, where there is a gathering of more than one poet
Could a gathering of such poets in time to come be known as a ‘wriet’?
Don’t instantly dismiss this suggestion or toss it in the bin-
Language it would appear is ever open to change, consider *Stanley Unwin.
*Stanley Unwin 1911 – 2002 – Inventor of ‘Unwinese’
C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 26 October 2014

This deserves a brandy!

C. J. Black

I’m on the lookout for a prompt to set me on my way
For believe me when I tell you I have nothing positive to say.

Walking from room to room, scratching my head and hoping
That inspiration will strike me hard, get me out of this moping.

The weather, as a barometer definitely puts you in no mood –
Nor will it brighten up the spirit let that be understood.

Rain running down the window pane in absolute rivulets
More plentiful I imagine than in war were French Miquelets.

Thrown a lifeline you go searching for a word to rhyme
Such as the word Miquelets, this has taken me some time.

For rivulets, in relation to orange is more difficult to rhyme by far
I now know there were irregular soldiers during the Peninsular war.

If your interest is now piqued and you are wondering, hmmm where should I start?
Try the Peninsular war 1808 – 1814 and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Before this poem gets a life of its own and completely out of hand
I am now putting an end to it, for this is not what was planned.

Which is contradictory, yes you’re right to think that way
For I did state at the outset I had nothing positive to say.

Fancy if I had an idea just what I might compose?
This is far easier and more fun I confess, than trying to write prose.

C. J. Black©β
Monday 20th October 2014

Never turn a blind eye.

C. J. Black

When your patience is growing thin
And your situation appears – no win
What is your attitude in such a situation?
Do you half-heartedly admit, I am the poor relation?

Thinking those who are further up the food chain
Always have a better chance, always have more to gain
Or perhaps you say to yourself grab the bull by the horns
There are fields of gold to be found, discard this crown of thorns.

Positivity is something we all need to teach ourselves
Or else we will be left feeling as useless as would be three-legged gazelles’
Some of us have a tendency for long period naval gazing
Consequently, the early bird, will profit from such grazing.

From laying down these words what have I learned?
Only that promises get broken and bridges do get burned.
C. J. Black©β Sunday, 12 October 2014

A poem addressed to my-self.

C. J. Black.
I certainly hope these words are not all in vain.
What? You ask – you know what, the pain –
The churning feeling that you get
You want to write, nothing happens, you fret.

This may not be how it was meant to be
When you sat to write a piece of poetry?
There were times when you did not need to rehearse
You now find you can’t write a line, never mind write a verse.

Sitting alone without an idea, you now find demoralising?
With that defeatist attitude – should you find that surprising?
It’s not something that can be easily defined
When you’re feeling low you’re not really inclined.

But out of this state of mind you will snap
Not fall deeper into this emotional trap
Negative thinking, don’t allow it win out
Turn on positivity – the seed sown will soon sprout.

Keep the head up and the nose to the grindstone
Your muse will return, you’ll not be alone
Writing should not be a lonely profession?
It should be for fun and not an obsession?

For some, writing has become their existence
Remember your sanity, to hell with resistance
If you find writing is becoming a chore
Should you consider capping the ink well, for fear of becoming a bore?

C. J. Black∁β
Monday, 06 October 2014

I had a great holiday, thank you.


  1. C. J. Black

Once you write the first word down you are on your way

You will find it gets so much easier once you have something to say

There is no one but you knows that it’s been weeks since you’ve dipped your quill

But now that you’ve dipped it in ink it will do your will

So knuckle down there’s work to do you have a poem to write

It’s time to forget that holiday and put this wrong to right

It matters not if it’s convoluted and is not making a whole lot of sense

At least you’re taking positive steps and not sitting on the fence

The light bulb, has once again began to shed its light

The jigsaw is beginning to take shape, be upbeat not contrite

Finish now if you wish – you have your mojo back

This was what you’d class a derailment of sorts but now you’re back on track?

Ok I’ll admit it, this has not been an easy time

I am not wholly satisfied with this effort, but at least there’s a semblance of rhyme?

  1. C.J. Black©β

Thursday, 02 October 2014