I had a great holiday, thank you.


  1. C. J. Black

Once you write the first word down you are on your way

You will find it gets so much easier once you have something to say

There is no one but you knows that it’s been weeks since you’ve dipped your quill

But now that you’ve dipped it in ink it will do your will

So knuckle down there’s work to do you have a poem to write

It’s time to forget that holiday and put this wrong to right

It matters not if it’s convoluted and is not making a whole lot of sense

At least you’re taking positive steps and not sitting on the fence

The light bulb, has once again began to shed its light

The jigsaw is beginning to take shape, be upbeat not contrite

Finish now if you wish – you have your mojo back

This was what you’d class a derailment of sorts but now you’re back on track?

Ok I’ll admit it, this has not been an easy time

I am not wholly satisfied with this effort, but at least there’s a semblance of rhyme?

  1. C.J. Black©β

Thursday, 02 October 2014


9 thoughts on “I had a great holiday, thank you.

    1. Ah thanks Fransi, I am one of these persons who need to shut down occasionally and walk away – now I have a lot of catching up to do – you would enjoy the freedom of the Sahara – if you have not already visited.


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