Never turn a blind eye.

C. J. Black

When your patience is growing thin
And your situation appears – no win
What is your attitude in such a situation?
Do you half-heartedly admit, I am the poor relation?

Thinking those who are further up the food chain
Always have a better chance, always have more to gain
Or perhaps you say to yourself grab the bull by the horns
There are fields of gold to be found, discard this crown of thorns.

Positivity is something we all need to teach ourselves
Or else we will be left feeling as useless as would be three-legged gazelles’
Some of us have a tendency for long period naval gazing
Consequently, the early bird, will profit from such grazing.

From laying down these words what have I learned?
Only that promises get broken and bridges do get burned.
C. J. Black©β Sunday, 12 October 2014


5 thoughts on “Never turn a blind eye.

      1. Thank you Saya for the nomination – I am afraid I do not do nominations, I hope you are not offended and that I can continue to enjoy the joy of reading your posts.


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