This deserves a brandy!

C. J. Black

I’m on the lookout for a prompt to set me on my way
For believe me when I tell you I have nothing positive to say.

Walking from room to room, scratching my head and hoping
That inspiration will strike me hard, get me out of this moping.

The weather, as a barometer definitely puts you in no mood –
Nor will it brighten up the spirit let that be understood.

Rain running down the window pane in absolute rivulets
More plentiful I imagine than in war were French Miquelets.

Thrown a lifeline you go searching for a word to rhyme
Such as the word Miquelets, this has taken me some time.

For rivulets, in relation to orange is more difficult to rhyme by far
I now know there were irregular soldiers during the Peninsular war.

If your interest is now piqued and you are wondering, hmmm where should I start?
Try the Peninsular war 1808 – 1814 and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Before this poem gets a life of its own and completely out of hand
I am now putting an end to it, for this is not what was planned.

Which is contradictory, yes you’re right to think that way
For I did state at the outset I had nothing positive to say.

Fancy if I had an idea just what I might compose?
This is far easier and more fun I confess, than trying to write prose.

C. J. Black©β
Monday 20th October 2014


8 thoughts on “This deserves a brandy!

  1. inspiration comes to me when I’m not looking for it, usually when I’m walking, hence the ever present notebook and pen/pencil. Try browsing the spines of your bookcase or CD collection, or type writing prompt in to your search engine. Keep smiling and keep writing, C.J. best wishes from Baldy 🙂


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