Don’t instantly dismiss this.

Don’t instantly dismiss this.
C. J. Black
Congratulations ‘Photobombing’ as you join the letter P
A ‘new’ word now enters the Collins Dictionary.
Reading here, would you think this suggestion absurd?
Could a gathering of poets equally have a common word?
While the Welsh have their Eisteddfod
I don’t believe this to be quite odd.
A word perhaps that trips easily off the tongue
Session I propose as a word, has the ring of ‘young’
That let me swiftly add is not to infer, that all poets are old
I would never think along those lines, never be so bold.
So I leave you with this thought, where there is a gathering of more than one poet
Could a gathering of such poets in time to come be known as a ‘wriet’?
Don’t instantly dismiss this suggestion or toss it in the bin-
Language it would appear is ever open to change, consider *Stanley Unwin.
*Stanley Unwin 1911 – 2002 – Inventor of ‘Unwinese’
C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 26 October 2014


7 thoughts on “Don’t instantly dismiss this.

    1. Check this out Fransi, ‘Overshare’ is the Chamber’s dictionary word of the year – this may give you the ingredient for an up coming post – I look forward to it. The words which missed out on word of the year make for interesting reading – now you definitely will get nothing done today, on stating this – it is impossible to do nothing – by doing nothing are we still not doing something????


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