Who am I?

C. J. Black.
It pays you know to be rational as you go about your daily chores
The majority of people have more time for happy faces as they do for bores
I’m not one for wanting to be pigeon holed
But I’d like to be categorised in the former, if I may be so bold
I enjoy being interactive, not necessarily in the public eye
It is gratifying to be noticed, posturing I do decry
Knowing when to involve yourself in another’s private affair
That is something learned with aging, knowing when you should take care
Never rushing into affairs, like the bull in a china shop
Taking time to suss things out, you’ll rarely be caught on the hop
There are ways and means of offering assistance if you feel the need
Listen to your inner-self, always taking heed.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 23 November 2014

Dreams do come true.

  1. C. J. Black

I’d really like it if I could sit and write a Country Song

Words that interpret life, love, the essence of right and wrong

I’d also like it if I could to take a stroll, along Lower Broadway         

Meet with the many friendly folk, always happy to hold sway

Gently walking in the footsteps of all those country music stars

Hear the wonderful music emanating from those Honky Tonkin’ Bars

Listen to those talk, of deceased stars, who in their memory will forever last

Hearing songs which tell stories of the present and the past

Drop into Ernest Tubbs renowned music store, who knows who you might see

Treading the hallowed halls of the famed Midnight Jamboree

Visit the Ryman Auditorium, country music’s Mother Church

Soaking up the atmosphere, never tiring of research

Imagining there on that stage, the slim figure of Hank Williams

Death visited him in his 29th year – his music, still entertaining the millions

Those with dreams continue to visit, while many more dream of visiting Nashville

Song writers waiting for a shot at stardom, yet experiencing the thrill

A mecca for the country music lover from Zydeco to Bluegrass

This place, which bred all those country music legends, still continues to ooze pure class

Country music fans continue, to visit year on year

As long as this trend continues, there will be songs of joy and songs to which we’ll shed a tear

I’d really like if I could sit and write a Country Music Song

With words that interpret life, love, the essence of right and wrong.


  1. C. J. Black ©β Tuesday, 18 November 2014



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To all concerned, today I take this opportunity to say thank you for the ongoing support.
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Somewhat addicted.

C. J. Black.

Are you like me, addicted to statistics?
Or perhaps you have different characteristics?
Those that know me call me fanatic
Which to me in truth sounds undiplomatic
Numbers never were my strong point
So that would be an unfair analogy.

If I were one of a thousand people surveyed
In relation for instance to a political outcome
Personally I’d feel as though I had been propositioned
Some may just well question, is that not poetic justice?
I suggest to find the answer I have to be realistic
Wait and see if this “poem” gets any likes or ends up another statistic!

‘Were not words a wonderful invention?
Placing them on a page to make sense is always the intention
This may not always prove to be the case
But at least you have the satisfaction of filling up a blank space’

C. J. Black©β
Monday, 10 November 2014

A Naughty Little Poem


She whispered “will it hurt me?”
“Of course not” answered he
“It’s a very simple process,
You can rely on me.”

She said “I’m very frightened,
I’ve not had this before.
My friend has had it five times
And said it can be sore.”

It was growing rather painful
Tears formed in her eyes
It was hurting quite a bit now
It must have been a size.

“Calm yourself” he whispered
“His face filled with a grin
“Try and open wider
So I can get it in.”

“It’s coming now” he whispered
“I know” she cried in bliss
Feeling it deep within her now
She said “I am glad I’m having this.”

And with a final effort
She gave a frightened shout
He gripped it in anguish
And quickly pulled it out.

She lay back quite contended
Sighed and gave a smile
She said “I’m glad I came now

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City of dreams.

C. J. Black

I went for a wander, in my mind for the ingredients of this poem
I found myself inside the Coliseum after roaming the streets of Rome
Throwing myself metaphorically speaking into the lion’s den
I retraced my steps back to St. Peters Square in sight of the Vatican.

Joining the snaking crowd to get a look inside
To view the works of Michelangelo with awe and utter pride
Marvelling at those works of art, meticulous in their style
Wall to wall decorations that anyone they would beguile?

I guess it is not fair, to sit in judgement, compare and contrast
But will the artists of the 21st century stand that stern a test?
All along the River Tiber, continues the magic of Rome
Take a wander through your favourite city and then compose yourself a poem.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 02 November 2014

Michelangelo di Lodavico Buonarroti Simoni. Sculptor, painter, architect, poet.