City of dreams.

C. J. Black

I went for a wander, in my mind for the ingredients of this poem
I found myself inside the Coliseum after roaming the streets of Rome
Throwing myself metaphorically speaking into the lion’s den
I retraced my steps back to St. Peters Square in sight of the Vatican.

Joining the snaking crowd to get a look inside
To view the works of Michelangelo with awe and utter pride
Marvelling at those works of art, meticulous in their style
Wall to wall decorations that anyone they would beguile?

I guess it is not fair, to sit in judgement, compare and contrast
But will the artists of the 21st century stand that stern a test?
All along the River Tiber, continues the magic of Rome
Take a wander through your favourite city and then compose yourself a poem.

C. J. Black©β
Sunday, 02 November 2014

Michelangelo di Lodavico Buonarroti Simoni. Sculptor, painter, architect, poet.


9 thoughts on “City of dreams.

  1. Paris is one of my favourite city’s and as I climb the steps again to the Sacre Coeur a poem I shall write sitting at one of those lovely cafe’s dreaming my companions to be Yeats, Roderick O’Conor , Beckett and many more, of course they would all have to have lived in the same time , but it’s a dream so it’s allowed. Enjoyed your poem , thanks for the inspiration.
    Kind Regards Kathy , Happy Days.


  2. I know we are told that we can never appreciate the art of our own epoch, that it needs a certain distance. Maybe. Personally I’d rather stare up at the roof of the Sistine Chapel than watch a dead sheep floating about in a jar of formaldehyde. Takes all sorts I suppose.


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