Somewhat addicted.

C. J. Black.

Are you like me, addicted to statistics?
Or perhaps you have different characteristics?
Those that know me call me fanatic
Which to me in truth sounds undiplomatic
Numbers never were my strong point
So that would be an unfair analogy.

If I were one of a thousand people surveyed
In relation for instance to a political outcome
Personally I’d feel as though I had been propositioned
Some may just well question, is that not poetic justice?
I suggest to find the answer I have to be realistic
Wait and see if this “poem” gets any likes or ends up another statistic!

‘Were not words a wonderful invention?
Placing them on a page to make sense is always the intention
This may not always prove to be the case
But at least you have the satisfaction of filling up a blank space’

C. J. Black©β
Monday, 10 November 2014


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